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When I was 14, I gotta a wonderful pair of cockatiels from a breeder. $25 for both birds and it was clear they’d been raised lovingly and diligently. The two I selected were a grey male and a lutino female. Within a week both birds got over there. 17/08/2016 · Cockatiels do produce powder so that would probably be a problem for you but from what you said a Cockatiel would best fit and all Parrots do tear things and can be aggressive at times.Indian Ringnecks are less cuddly but enjoy spending time with their owners and will be ok doing things alone also they can be very noisy same with any Parrot but. 25/04/2012 · From what I have read all you will be able to keep with the cockatiel are budgies and other cockatiels. I doubt that the tiel and ringneck would have problems playing together under supervision, and will likely enjoy talking to each other from their respective cages. Think of ringneck parakeets as your large adult sons, with big appetites and sensitive hearts. They grow to a whopping 16 inches 40 cm. They love eating, breaking toys, having snacks, cuddling up to you, and feasting on a nice, big meal of fruits, vegetables, pellets, and seeds.

11/11/2008 · We have a cockatiel which we're not sure of the sex and just purchased a male Indian Ringneck. Can they get along? It's only been a couple of hours but the ringneck does not like the cockatiel at all. Will they ever learn to love each other or is. 12/12/2008 · I want to get a bird but i have never had one before and i was wondering which one would be better as a first bird. I want a bird that would be fun to play with and that likes to be held. Are any of these really loud birds because I don't want a bird that is going to be screaming or making really loud noises all the time.

26/04/2008 · ringneck is bigger. i think a good beginner bird is a quaker parakeet still bigger than a cockatiela handfed young one, they are so fun. whatever u get, try to get one thats been handfed from a baby, so they are used to people. 17/11/2010 · Also, if your bonded with the ringneck the bird may see you as his "partner" So spending time with the Cockatiel will make the ringneck bully him because birds don't share "partners" Well, if you do plan on putting them together then the best thing I can tell you is to save money for the bet bill.

24/06/2010 · hello i need help, what does any one think is a better bird to keep a cockatiel or an indian ringneck i have wanted a cockatiel for ages, but i went to the local pet shop to buy a cage it is big enough for one or the other and i said i wanted a princess of wales parakeet, and they all advised me not to because they were not very. 08/07/2010 · can i cross male cockatiel to female indian ringneck?, can indian redneck parrots live with cockatiels, cockatiel cross breeding, does my bird have a crush on me, green parrot and cockatiel pair meting, indian ring neck mating calls, indian ringneck and cockatiel can mate?,will a female cockatiel and a male ring necked parrot breed.

I also have a moustache parakeet and a sun conure, both in their own cages. I have no problems getting the INR it's own cage, but the cockatiel was always used to having a buddy until recently when my old girl, Beanie cockatiel recently passed away and wondered if it would cause problems. 23/04/2010 · can ringneck parakeers and cockatiel eat the same food, do ringneck eat diffrent food with a crocatail, lovebirds and cockatiels together, should i place my cockatiel's and indian ring neck's cages near each other?, what birds can i put in with my indian ringneck, what. Zebra Finch, Cockatiel and Ringneck in Egypt. 1,688 likes. this page is created to discuss topics of zebra Finches, cockatiel and Indian Ringneck how to. 16/09/2013 · Ringneck with a cockatiel. Hello, so I am currently handrearing a cockatiel baby and I am now considering getting a ringneck baby. They will be a similar age hopefully. My question is, how do these two birds generally get on with each other? 28/07/2016 · Cockatiel or Ringneck Or Kakariki. Hi. Just joined this forum. Been doing some reading, great place with lots of information! I am looking to get a parrot but confused between these 3. I live on a 3rd floor flat. No other flats above me. I have a 5m by 5m living room.

14/07/2012 · From my last question, I was sure of getting a Cockatiel but I want to know if an Indian Ringneck would be good, too. I am looking for a very affectionate bird, playful, let's me scratch him a lot, ect, ect. I do not care if it makes noises, talks, etc. I am all about the personality. So, which bird should I.

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